What is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)?

This is a type of therapy used for relationship repair and restoration. It is intended for couples, families or any combination of individuals (ex. mother & son). It uses an in-depth perspective into the real needs of the relationship. It identifies the negative cycle to learn how to introduce positive change and restores the bond between the individuals.

Often a couple or relationship will get stuck in a negative cycle. For example, a small comment can easily trigger one of the individuals to become angry and offended. The angered individuals responds by snapping back. The other person may respond by shutting down or walking away. This will inherently infuriate the offended individual, keeping him/her emotionally heightened, while causing the other to avoid conflict even more.

This is not the only illustration of conflict, however, a common one. The techniques of EFT work to repair past hurt, currently hurtful or unhealthy communication styles and create a safe space for healthy communication where emotions aren’t easily triggered, thus creating a loving relationship.

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