Prepare ♥ Enrich

What is Prepare Enrich Therapy?

I primarily use this type of therapy for premarital counseling, however, depending on the couple and the issue it can be beneficial for long term committed relationships.  This type of therapy is helpful for couples to gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses to prevent negative interactions from becoming hurtful patterns. It is used to enhance relationship skills and increase important discussions as to increase relationship satisfaction for each individual. P/E Therapy helps a couple to prepare for their future, while setting them up for success and decreasing risk of divorce in the future.

What if my partner and I are dating and interested in finding out if we are compatible for the future? Absolutely! It is normal and healthy to have some anxiety about the future and wanting to make sure you choose the right partner. Because P/E gives an in-depth view into personality, individual future goals and possible challenges, it can help you to determine if this is a person you see spending the rest of your life with.

What if my partner and I are past the prevention period and have already established negative patterns (aka arguing constantly or leaving an argument feeling worse)?! No worries! Most people are standing in your shoes and have had success stories. My advice is to nip it in the bud as soon as possible! The longer it goes without healing and repair, the more there is to repair in therapy.  Although I do use this for long-term committed couples, if there is a lot of past hurt that needs to be mended, I would prefer to use Emotionally Focused Therapy as it helps restore damage, which is first priority.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit this in-depth look at Prepare Enrich.