Anger Management

Anger can be felt in various forms. It can manifest as mildly as irritability or as intensely as controlling hostility. We can feel it in our bodies as a burning feeling or intense energy. If you’ve noticed, typically you can feel your heart pounding and breathing increase. The more you think about what you are angry about, the more the anger increases and the longer it stays. When it feels overwhelming, uncontrollable or just extremely uncomfortable, it can feel extraordinarily difficult to manage and can build up to a point where you may wonder if you can handle it anymore. Anger can be a heavy emotion that weighs you down or provokes you to act out of character.

Anger can arise from a number of diverse origins: chronic irritability, abuse or feeling personally attacked to name a few. It is our natural way of defending ourselves, upholding our value and protecting vulnerable emotions. Because anger plays such a vital role in our lives of survival, it is important to not suppress it. Finding a healthy way of expressing it and sometimes problem-solving to eliminate unnecessary triggers is key to decreasing it.

Learning to control anger can be a freeing experience that leads to a more peaceful day to day life.