Couples Counseling

Couples & Premarital Counseling have many different purposes. Couples may be interested in coming to therapy as a last hope of saving a marriage, while some desire to work on communication.  Some couples need healing from past events or perhaps want to further enhance their loving relationship. A dating couple may be trying to decide if marriage is in the future, or coming to therapy to set their marriage up for success. Whatever the reason is, the focus of couple’s counseling is primarily on the relationship, and catering to the needs of each individual in it.

Premarital Counseling
For those interested in counseling to set their marriage or partnership up for success, or simply enhance their existing bond and communication skills, please visit Prepare Enrich Therapy.

Couples Counseling
An individual or couple may seek counseling because there is an underlying feeling of being misunderstood, and despite repeated efforts, there is still no positive result or resolution. A negative cycle typically ensues and grows, until frustration is high and relief is necessary. Couples therapy can help relieve tension and stress, restore the bond between the couple and develop effective and healthy ways of communicating to achieve mutual satisfaction. For these circumstances, I would encourage EFT Therapy first, and then Prepare Enrich Therapy if desired.

Note: It is common for one partner to be interested in therapy and the other to not be. If this is an issue you are facing, let’s work together to determine the best way to handle this. Don’t lose faith – feel hopeful in the fact that this is a common challenge, and it can be managed.