Depression & Low Mood

It is common for us to feel down and sad at times, as it is a part of being human. When that feeling lingers day after day, it can be a sign of possible depression. Some of the most common symptoms experienced are:

·         Low mood and irritability

·         Difficulty concentrating or focusing

·         Difficulty falling and staying sleep

·         Negative thoughts in general or about yourself

·         Difficulty feeling happiness

·         Feelings of guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness or numbness

·         Fatigue or loss of energy and motivation

·         Decrease or increase in appetite

·         Suicidal thoughts

If you are feeling this way, there are many ways to get back to your old self, or perhaps a new self if this has been a long-term or even lifelong struggle.

Typically, depression does not improve on its own or it may seem better for a period of time and return. Let’s find a way to climb out of this despair and begin feeling content.  Please reach out to me to see how I can assist.