Family Counseling

What is Family Counseling?

From a counseling perspective, the concept of “family” can vary.  A family can be the entire family unit, or just a mother and son, father and brother or any combination possible. We were all given different personalities and finding a way to embrace each others can be difficult. Having different perspectives and opinions leave room for arguments and difficulties to arise. The more people you add to that circumstance, the more complex it becomes. Whether the family is going through a life transition, trauma or battling differing personalities, it can be challenging to find a resolution. Emotions are ordinarily high, and it can be a delicate and complex situation to resolve.

How Can it Help?

Much like couples counseling, family counseling is extremely similar with exclusion of intimacy and inclusion of relationship boundaries (for instance with children). It can be defeating and exhausting to try everything you can think of and still feel misunderstood, unloved or confused as to next steps to take. It can leave your calm safe haven at home filled with tension and stress and a feeling of not looking forward to coming home. A family member can be hurt easily, angered quickly or react indifferently, and these emotions can cloud anyone’s ability to reconnect. Often a referee can be helpful to create an environment where each member can express their thoughts and feelings and reach a positive outcome.  Family counseling can help bridge the gaps of understanding, create healthy ways to have conversations and disagreements and leave the situation feeling satisfied and not hurt. Please reach out to me to see how I can assist.