Grief & Loss

Grief and loss is something that every human experiences and is often minimized in our world. Loss can be experienced in different ways, but typically its acknowledged in death. Death and grief is an ongoing journey, but many feel like they should be “over it” at a certain point or notice the natural lack of support after a period of time from loved ones. Many going through this feel alone, lonely and raw. Being able to have someone on that journey with you can be extremely helpful to give guidance to a healthy path of grieving.

There are also many losses that do not include death. These are typically not acknowledged in our world as significant or are faux pas people don’t speak of. This can add another layer of difficulty in the grieving process and intensify our feeling of loss. Here are just a few examples:

  • Job loss & loss of self-esteem or purpose
  • Difficult pregnancies or labor
  • A breakup or loss of a friend relationship
  • Health issues / A diagnosis
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Retirement
  • Aging / Mobility
  • Empty nest
  • Any life changes or transitions

No matter what loss you are grieving, you don’t have to be alone and you deserve a space to mourn and heal. Grieving is our body’s natural way of surviving loss and the process is different for everyone. Some people prefer to have someone outside of their social circle to help them through this difficult time. It can help to have a therapist to give full disclosure without judgment or hurtful responses that may be unintended by loved ones. People mean well, but it can still hurt. Having an outside resource can be reassuring and supportive.